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Bakers dog food offers complete, moist, meaty chunks made from fresh meat and a new improved taste that your dog will love. All the Bakers dog food range contain selected high quality ingredients and added vitamins and minerals to boost your dog's immune system. By feeding your dog with Bakers complete dog food, you can be sure your pet is getting the right amount of nutrients they need for a healthy lifestyle.


Bakers dog food offers an incredible variety of flavours, textures, shapes and sizes to choose from. Whatever your dog's requirements you will be sure to find food from Bakers that will satisfy your dogs needs and provide a complete nutritional balance. Bakers dog food contains Vitamins and minerals to ensure healthy teeth and strong bones as your dog matures. Digestion is managed through controlled fibre content and high quality protein sources to maintain overall body condition and carboydrates to keep energy levels up.


Whatever your dogs nutritional needs, you can be sure that Bakers will provide your dog with a complete balanced diet. As your dog goes through each lifestage and matures from puppy to adult to senior, their nutritional needs will change, therefore the food will need to adjust to fit the changes in lifestyle and physique. Puppies require 2 to 3 times more calories than when they reach adult age which is why it is important to feed them the Bakers Puppy food to help them grow and develop into healthy adults. Bakers also cater for larger breed dogs, dogs that are overweight or dogs that are not overly active. When dogs become overweight it can cause serious health issues and put extra strain on their bones and joints. Because of this common probem Bakers have created Bakers Weight Control dog food to help your dog lose weight but still enjoy tasty meals.

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