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Purina BETA puppy food offers a 100% complete and balanced diet to ensure your junior dog gets the best start in life. Containing high quality protein levels and balanced wholesome ingredients to support growth and development. BETA puppy food helps your puppy develop strong bones, teeth and joints with optimal levels of calcium and vitamins to ensure your dog can walk, run and play with ease. Puppies tend to have a sensitive digestion system, so feeding them the correct amount of fibre is important, BETA puppy food contains a special combination of natural fibre to help improve digestive health.


Vets Food World offer puppy food that contains smaller kibble sizes that is suitable for your puppy's smaller jaw, which helps chewing, improves digestion and reduces the risk of bloating. With protein source of Lamb, Chicken or Turkey and food suitable for small, medium or large breed puppies, BETA puppy food will help your young dog develop and grow into adulthood.

BETA Puppy Food
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