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Make Your Pet’s Teeth Sparkle

Getting your pet to sit still and have their teeth brushed is something only a few pet owners can say they have mastered.

While brushing is the best way to help reduce plaque build up and maintain healthy teeth it is not always easy to reach the areas in most need of a good brushing.

Did you know you can also help maintain great oral care through the food which your pets eat?


There are many different foods you can buy from Vets Food World which will help keep your pet’s oral hygiene in top shape!

Specially designed kibble helps break down plaque build-up and with regular use can help provide long-term oral care with supplemented brushing.

Hills Canine T/D , Royal Canin Dental and Hills Oral Care provide great oral care for your dog allowing for a palatable chewing experience which is tasty and also helps break down plaque and keep you dogs breath fresh.


If you notice your pet’s gums are red or can smell an unpleasant odour (more than usual) coming from the mouth then a trip to the vets is always recommended.

Your pet’s oral hygiene can be a good indicator to your pet’s health and can be a trigger for noticing any potential problems, always check your pet’s teeth on a weekly basis. If you have a stubborn dog that won’t let you go near them with a toothbrush then you can try Pedigree Dentastix.

These are a flavoursome daily treat with a unique “X” design to help maintain healthy teeth and reduce the risk of plaque build-up.

While these are not a food replacement and nothing gives a better clean than brushing, they can be a daily aid to break plaque down and strengthen your dog’s teeth.


Royal Canin Dental , Hills T/D and Hills Oral Care food are perfect for your feline friend mixing specially designed kibble, for plaque breakdown, and tasty natural flavours ensuring your cat will love the taste!

It is especially important to always keep an eye on your cats breath, redness and a pungent smell could be tooth rot, in this instance a trip to the vets is your first call rather than trying to change the situation with a change of diet. You can view our dental plus all our other foods at Vets Food World.

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