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Summer Fun With Your Pets

Getting your pet active during the summer can have long term physical and mental health benefits.

With the better weather, many dog owners go for longer walks, and while this is helpful in keeping your dog fit, you should always monitor the heat and your dog when walking. Ideally walk your dog in the mornings or evenings when it is cooler. This will especially help for breeds prone to breathing difficulties such as Pugs or Bulldogs. If you are going on a walk take a small bottle of water and a travel bowl, if possible walk in as much shade as possible and always be mindful when walking them on hot concrete which could burn their paws.

One essential you should always have on you when walking your dog is poop bags! It is every dog owners duty to clean up after their dog. Bags On Board and Scoopy Doo poop bags are ideal in providing a hygienic way to pick up after your dog with a range of scented and unscented bags.

Having some fun on the park? Why not have a game of fetch! This will keep your dog fit and active and now with the Good Boy Ballistic Ball Thrower you can play for longer without tiring out your arms!

Does your dog like water? Gone are they days of throwing a stick (which has its own dangers) now that the Kong Safe Stix are around! These fun throw toys are great for land or in water! Made from a durable rubber these sticks float easily to allow your dog maximum play time! Got a larger sized dog? The Kong Water Wubba comes in Large and Extra Large and is great toy to use in and around water!

If you cat is looking board why not think about getting them a cat teaser! These fun toys will help feed your cat’s natural desire to hunt and keep them entertained during the long summer days. The Born To Shop Cat Teaser is an ideal toy as it used premium catnip to ensure your cat will never grow tired of playing!

Chew toys are great at promoting better oral hygiene as the chewing action helps to breakdown plaque on teeth and massage the gums. With small animals like rabbits, where their teeth continue to grow, giving them an abrasive toy treat to chew on helps keep their teeth trimmed meaning less need for expensive trips to the vets!

While the summer can be an enjoyable time to spend with your pets you should always remember the dangers as well!

Top Summer Tips:

  • Avoid walking your dog in the middle of the day
  • Always keep their water bowl filled up throughout the day with fresh water (DO NOT PUT ICE IN THE BOWL)
  • Beware the pavement! Feel it with your hand and protect your pooches paws
  • Have a shaded area, inside and out, where your pet can escape the sun
  • If travelling in a car, NEVER leave your pet inside and open a window when driving to help ventilate the car

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