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Keep your pet safe this Easter

Easter is a time of celebration, but it can potentially be a hazardous time for your pet.

The biggest risk factor to your pet this Easter will be that Easter favourite, chocolate!

All pet owners should be aware that chocolate is poisonous and that if their pet consumes even the smallest piece it can make they very poorly. For example, chocolate contains Theobromine which can affect the central nervous system and cause heart issues in dogs.

Please ensure that all chocolate it stored out of your pets reach and if you have children around ensure that they are supervised whilst eating their Easter chocolate in case they end up feeding it to the animal when you are not looking. Store chocolate in high cupboards out of reach or in the fridge where it is out of harms way.

If, by some chance, your pet has consumed a large amount of chocolate you need to act fast. Poisoning can happen within minutes, with the symptoms not beginning to show until hours after. If you think your pet has consumed chocolate the signs to look out for are:

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Increased heart rate
  • Uncontrolled urinating
  • Muscle spasms

In these cases it is important to contact your vet immediately so the animal can be seen and assessed.

But being aware of the dangers that Easter can provide does not mean your pet cannot also enjoy the holiday!

Vets Food World have put together a fantastic range of treats and toys to ensure your pet won’t miss out on the Easter fun. Now Easter would not be the same without the Easter Egg! So why not treat your favourite furry friend to one of our special pet-safe Easter Eggs.

The Easter Egg for Cats is made from yogurt and catnip, so as soon as you unwrap the egg your feline friend will be chomping at the bit to get it’s claws on it.

With the Easter Egg for Dogs, this has been made with carob chocolate so it looks and smells like the real thing! And guess what? It’s also gluten free. We also stock Easter Eggs for large dogs and even a pack of six mini eggs for small dogs.

If these tasty eggs are not enough, this year we also have some tasty Hot Cross Buns that you dog will go wild for. These tasty dog treats smell just like the real thing, so much so that you might even be tempted to have a bite yourself. (We don’t think your dog will be happy with that!)

As with all pet treats, feed these in moderation and supervision.

If your pet is not a fan of carob chocolate you can treat them to a new toy instead!

For the dog, why not consider the Dog & Co Curly Lamb Dog Toy – This fun, interactive squeaker dog toy perfect for chewing and snuggling. Made from quality plush materials your dog will love the feeling of the material and enjoy the hidden squeaker inside.

If you want to treat your cat then why not look at the Kong Wubba Friends Cat Toy which is an interactive play toy with added catnip! The Cat Wubbas are filled with premium North American catnip and have a rattle sound to encourage play. The unique tails make a “crackle” sound that rewards contact and encourages continued play. Choose from 3 designs including a rabbit and duck!

Don’t let your small animal miss out either! We have a range of Boredom Breaker Naturals that include everything from chewable toys to tasty healthy treats!

If you have any questions about looking after your pet this Easter, get in touch with us for free impartial advice.

We hope your and your pets have a wonderful Easter!

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