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Caring For Your Small Animal In Winter

There are many factors to consider when looking after your small animal during the winter months.

As the colder months approach it is important to think about your small animals, especially those living outside in hutches.

We have put together a few tips to help keep your pet safe this winter!

Outdoor Hutches

If it is not possible to bring your pet inside, make sure that the hutch is placed so that it can be shielded from the wind and rain. Any wired meshed areas must be covered with a windproof/waterproof cover during the night to ensure your small animal stays as warm as possible.


It is important during the winter months to ensure you clean out your pets bedding on a regular basis. This might be difficult at times, but a clean living area is essential for them making it through the winter unscathed.
Try adding a fresh layer of bedding every other day if possible, this will help keep them warm and secure during the harsh conditions.


If you don’t already, add fresh fruit or vegetables sparingly in to their diet. This will help keep them healthy over the winter period. Fresh water every day should be given to your pet, checking on external water bottles to make sure they have not frozen over night or too cold thus discouraging your pet from drinking.

Health Check

Small animals need daily checks during the winter period, so make sure you check up on them every day without fail. Look for any signs that are unusual or different, if you spot any potential health issues consult with your vet immediately.
The added benefit of constantly checking in on your pet’s health is you can factor in adding more hay and cleaning routine into it.

When it comes to preparing for the winter months, you only want the best products for your small animal.

We stock a range of top quality brands, offering plenty of choices to help keep your small animal fed and warm not only in the winter months, but all year round.

The Burgess Excel range of food is the UK’s number 1 vet recommended food which is a single component food that is high in beneficial fibre which means they’re great for your pet’s digestive health. All of the Burgess Excel range has added vitamins, minerals and prebiotics to help with healthy eyes, skin and coat.  The entire range of food is 100% natural and contains wholesome ingredients.

Burgess Excel products are 100% natural and are specifically formulated to meet the dietary requirements of all dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchilla and other small animals. Burgess Excel Adult Rabbit food offers your rabbit a delicious complementary food that is high in nutrients to ensure your rabbit maintains a healthy lifestyle. Burgess pet food is naturally high in fibre, and contains natural prebiotics for improved digestive health. Burgess Excel pet food also contains high levels of Vitamins and minerals to ensure your pet has healthy skin, coat and eyes.

The Supreme original range of food and bedding, including Russel Rabbit, Gerty Guinea Pig, Reggie Rat and Supasoft bedding, provides your pets with nutritionally complete diets and prevent selective feeding, make sure your pet gets the right amount of nutrition from their food.

We offer the Selective range of Supreme products, the widest range of veterinary recommended food which is formulated to meet the range of nutritional needs of your small animals or pets.

High fibre is one of the most important factors when choosing rabbit food, the selective range below offer 25%, the highest fibre extracted food, this ensures your rabbit has a diet that is healthy and natural. Sugar within food can damage teeth and lead to digestive problems, the selective range below is formulated with no added sugar.

Supreme Hay and Straw is essential to keep your pet comfy, encourages natural chewing behaviour, provides a good source of fibre through foraging and are all 100% natural.

If you have any tips of your own, please post them in the comments below!

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