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Why Are Toys So Important To Our Pets?

There are many ways in which your pet’s happiness and well-being can be improved through constructive playtime.

Whether it’s spending personal time with them yourself, or allowing them to play with specialist toys, there are many ways to keep your pet happy and healthy.

As well as bonding and spending time with their owner, it is important for your pets to have time to themselves. Therefore they will need play toys to keep them entertained and to prevent boredom, especially those that spend much of the day indoors.

Chewy toys are the ideal way to help supplement a dental hygiene routine and help to maintain healthy teeth and gums. When your pets chew against abrasive materials it can help to break down plaque and tartar, as well as gently massaging the gums for better overall oral health.
Some small animals, like Rabbits, need to be able to chew on a regular basis to ensure they keep their teeth filed down. It is vital to their health that they are able to chew as much as they need, and wooden chew toys can help supplement they usual methods of feeding them hay and straw.

Toys that emit sounds can help keep your pets attention, sound is a powerful sense for dogs, and squeaking toys can help engage their senses and create excitement. The classic squeaker toy is still around today for a reason, it works! It may be annoying for us having to listen to it, but it is doing your dog’s mental health the world of good, encouraging stimulating playtime.

Movement is an important part of playtime, whether that is the animals themselves or the toys that they are playing with. Toys that promote natural hunting instincts in cats and dogs are ideal ways for them to stimulate their urges and be active all at the same time. Batting balls filled with catnip or the classic tennis ball, finding a toy your pet likes to encourage these urges and moment is ideal to help keep them fit and mentally healthy.

We have chosen a few toys that we think could be ideal for you pet, helping them to have fun during playtime and help aid with their mental, and physical health.



Every Petstages cat toy is designed to help your pet chew, interact and play for hours at a time. The Petstages Quiet Glow Moth is a fun and interactive night time toy for cats.
Made from glow in the dark fabric, this toy is best for evening or night time use to help tire out your cat before bed time. The movement of the toy gently sways and entices your cat’s natural instinct to hunt at night and swat away at the moth. The toy wobbles as your cat bats away and is ideal for being pounced on. The weighted bottom keeps the toy ready to play.

Looking for a toy that is not only ideal for your cat, but also environmentally friendly? If that’s the case then you may want to consider the Beco Freddie The Fish Catnip Toy. The whole Beco range is made from recycled materials and 100% eco-friendly.
This soft and cuddly cat toy is the ideal way to help make playtime more fun for your cat and helping to keep them stimulated and engaged. Perfect for batting around the room and for your cat to play with. Contains premium North American catnip ensuring your cat stays engaged with the toy and helps stimulate their need to hunt and pounce. Designed with double stitching for extended life and maximum durability.



The Wiggly Giggly Dumbell is motion activated – when your dog gives the toy a shake, it releases a giggling sound that is sure to capture the attention of your favourite pet. Made of a durable material it is ideal for games of throw and fetch, and great for teeth and gums. The toy emits giggling noises as it tips and wobbles in unpredictable directions, to help keep your dog active and engaged. Due to the durable material, this toy can be used indoors & outdoors, meaning playtime is not restricted to the house.

Biosafe Dog Toys are germ smart and hygienic dental toys for dogs, and are specially designed to help massage gums and can help to reduce plaque and tartar build up.
This product uses BioCote technology whichs helps make product more hygienic and keeps it fresher for longer. It helps prevent the growth of bacteria and mould on the toy.
As well as the anti-microbial properties, the Biosafe range is made from tough, yet soft, plastics and created with zesty fruit scents. This toy is the ideal dental aid and can be used as a distraction toy in the bath as it floats too.



Boredom Breaker Fruit Nibble Stix are a natural and safe chew for your small animal. The Nibble Stix are not only fun for your pet, but also help keep the teeth trim, healthy and clean.
These toys are perfect to help fulfill your pet’s natural instinct to gnaw and chew. The wood is fruit flavoured for improved palatability, and is designed to look like tasty and inviting fruit shapes. Simply place 1-2 Nibble Stix in with your pet at a time and help keep on top of their dental hygiene routine.

Naturals Woodies 3D Carrot Toy is a stimulating way to provide hours of fun for your small animal. This toy quickly slots together creating a tough and chunky, rolling wooden gnaw. Wedge in slices of real vegetables for even more fun. This chunky wooden gnaw is built to last, It’s made from pet safe materials and slots together fast. Pets will love the challenge of gnawing the toy as it rolls around. Add slices of real carrot or vegetables in the wedges to help stimulate your pet and help keep top of their dental health. Made using no glue and pet safe materials.

So now that you have some ideas of what toys might be suitable, it’s time to find the right one for your pet!

Vets Food World supply a large range of dog, cat and small animals toys and accessories, all designed to keep your pet entertained and provide stimulated fun for hours on end. Providing a full range of toys from latex squeakers, plush toys, natural treats, throw & retrieve items and much more from brands such as Pet Brands, Wallace & Gromit, Kong, Pet Stages & Naturals, providing you plenty of choice when you need to spoil your pet.

Does your pet have a specific favourite toy? Let us know what it is in the comments below.

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