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5 Of The Most Unique Cat Breeds

Cats come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, each with their own personalities. But there are some cats, that are so unique, you may not have ever heard of them.

If you love cats, then you’re more than likely to know what you’re talking about when it comes to the feline breed. You will know their wants and needs, how to look after them and how to spoil them rotten.

Whether you have a Moggy or a British Shorthair, cat enthusiasts can usually spot a cat and have a good idea what breed it is. But we have put together a list of cats that you might not have heard of before.

We looked at a range of strange, unique and downright cute cat breeds to put together our Top 5 best picks.

So sit back and enjoy, and tell us in the comments if you agree with us, or if you have your own picks!

Ukrainian Levkoy

Despite their grumpy looking appearance, the Levkoy is a friendly and playful breed of cat and greatly enjoy human company. While you may think it looks very much like a Sphynx, the Levkoy was actually bred from Donskoy and Scottish Fold cats.

The Levkoy’s unique forward-facing ears are one of the breeds most noticeable features. Like with most hairless breeds, it’s important that they are kept protect from prolonged exposure to sunlight.

Khao Manee

This rare breed, originating from Thailand, is known as the white gem and their eyes come in three different colours, Blue, gold and on rare occasions, a mix of the two. This mix is known as an ‘Odd-Eyed Khao Manee’ and is truly a unique cat.

These cats are very muscular and athletic, and have a white, smooth and close-lying coat. They are very social animals, and very intelligent.

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American Curl

The American Curl can be easily identified by their unique ears. Though great care is needed when looking after these cats, as they are prone to ear fractures. When they are kittens, their ears are actually straight, but slowly start to curl as they get older.

While still an unusual breed, they have become very popular in recent years and do not suffer any specific health conditions due to the large pool of cats that they are bred from.


Selkirk Rex

If you like a cat with a thick fur coat, then the Selkirk Rex is the one for you! Their long and curly coat makes this breed an ideal show cat, but you can get a version with shorter hair. While they like to groom themselves, washing with a shampoo on a fairly regular basis is vital in maintaining a silky, soft coat.

The Selkirk has a lovely bushy tail, and is the ideal housecat. They have been bred to be similar to the British Shorthair, and have developed larger and heavier bones.



These permed looking cats can have two different types of coats. You can get them with wavy and curly coats, or you can get them with tighter curled coats, both ranging in different colours. Their coats have been described as textured, and is soft but by no means is it silky.

They have slender bodies, with long necks and legs  making them a visually striking breed. These gentle and affectionate cats love play time as much as they do sleeping, making them the perfectly balanced cats.


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1 Comment on 5 Of The Most Unique Cat Breeds

  1. I’ve really wanted a Ukrainian Levkoy! I’ve always really liked Sphynx cats. The Khao Manee is really interesting as well. The mixed eyes are the coolest part!

    Luke Yancey | December 15, 2016 at 2:36 pm () ()