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Which Bedding Is Right For My Guinea Pig

With so many different types of bedding available, how do you know which is the best one for your furry friend?

When it comes to choosing a bedding material for your guinea pig it’s important to consider a range of different factors.

Cheap, soft straw may seem like an ideal solution, especially when you can get it in bulk, but this isn’t necessarily the best option. It may keep your guinea pig warm, but it has little to no nutritional value. A high quality hay bedding will not only keep your pet safe and warm, but also aid with their dietary habits.

If you are going to use dust shavings in their habitats, then make sure you choose a dust free product. It is also a good idea to avoid using bedding that contains cedar shavings, as they have been known to cause some health problems.

During the winter months, you need to provide extra bedding for them to burrow in to. You also need to consider making sure their hutch is free from exposure to the elements, so not only will you need high quality bedding, you also need to make sure the wind and snow cannot enter their hutch.

You may want to consider the Supreme Natural Supasoft Bedding, which is made from the highest quality straw which has been chopped for extra comfort helping it fluff up and provide a warm natural bedding. It can also help to keep your guinea pig’s living environment fresh, clean and sweet smelling. The bedding has been specially treated by non toxic cleaning agent to help combat pet odours and reduce dust levels which can cause breathing difficulties in small animals.

If you are looking for an ideal bedding solution for the colder months, you would need to have bedding that helps to provide extra warmth. The Comfey Pet Quality Straw for small pets, helps to provide your pet with comfort and warmth and is an ideal bedding material for guinea pigs and other small pets. The thicker straw strands help to provide a warm and healthy environment for your guinea pig to live.

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