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Does Your Cat Have A Skin Condition?

Are you noticing a change in the condition of your cat’s coat or skin?

There are many things to look out for if you feel your cat is suffering from skin disease, some more difficult than others. Also the condition may reside on only a certain part of the body, such as the back, face, ears or tail.

One of the most common conditions your feline may suffer is Dry Skin, this can be caused by many different factors. A dry or warmer home environment is the most common, especially during the winter months when the heating in the house is higher than normal.

Parasites on the skin can also cause serious skin conditions in cats, especially fleas and mites. Flea infestations will cause your cat to over groom and begin to show scabs and sore areas due to excessive scratching. There are a range of options when it comes to treating fleas, ideally your cat will have regular spot-on treatment to help treat and prevent flea infestations.

Skin allergies or dermatitis in cats is another common problem that causes discomfort and itchy skin. You will see your cat scratching more than usual, this may cause an infection due to lesions on the skin, as well as hair loss. Allergies can be caused by food, contact, fleas or mould & pollen allergens. If you have recently changed your cats diet food, and you see increased itching then it may be down to a reaction to the food.

The treatment and prevention skin disorders is an ongoing process. Ensure your cat is protected against fleas from a range of flea sprays, spot-on and tablets. Ensure your cats environment is uncluttered and in a quiet area of the house, this is because stress levels can increase and cause more problems to your cat’s skin. Seek veterinary advice before buying or using certain creams or shampoos as there may be certain ingredients that can cause problems for certain breeds.

Your cat’s diet can also pay a large part in maintaining healthy skin, this is due to the controlled nutritional levels and Omega-3. Be sure to groom your cat regularly to ensure hair is smooth and soft, if you feel your cat’s behaviour or grooming is causing concern and damage to their skin, then it is worth visiting your local veterinary surgeon for advice and diagnosis.

We offer a range of allergy specific cat food that may be able to help your cat. Check with your vet what food would be suitable for your cat’s specific condition and see if we can save you money by supplying it to you. Healthy cats and healthy pockets!

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