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How To Look After Your New Kitten

In this guide we will provide all the essential information that you will need to look after your kitten.

Ensuring that your kitten has everything that it needs to live a healthy, happy life is an important aspect of being a pet owner. From diet to exercise, looking after a kitten can be challenging but ultimately extremely rewarding.

This guide will also allow you to better understand your kitten’s needs, traits and behaviour. Understanding these things are essential in bringing up a kitten in to adulthood.

First of all it is essential that you have kitten-proofed your house before your new arrival even enters the home. This means blocking access to areas that might not be safe, removing poisonous plants and hazardous objects.

When you first get your kitten home you need to allow them to explore the house. Encourage them to explore as much as you can, especially between the ages of 2-8 weeks. During certain periods of this exploration it is advisable to be apart of the experience. So stay with your kitten while it explores. Stroke it, reassure it and guide it away from potentially harmful situations. This exposure will not only help it get its bearings, but the more exposure to people early on the more sociable they will be later on in life.

Kittens require a lot of sleep, so while a sleeping kitten may give you the urge to stroke it, try to resist this and allow the kitten to sleep for as long as it can. The right amount of sleep plays a large part of a kitten’s health and behavioral aspects. This is why leaving them to rest will only make things a lot easier down the road as they grow older.

When it comes to litter training, most kittens will pick it up very quickly. They are very independent and kittens learn quickly that the material under its feet is associated with toilet time. The right litter can be beneficial, some prefer the chalk based pellets other prefer a wood based litter. It is down to personal choice or what you kitten seems more comfortable with. So a case of trial and error may be required to find the right litter for your kitten.

You will also need to consider that your kitten will need to develop and grow mentally. It is best to ensure you stimulate your cat with interactive toys. While your kitten will enjoy playing by themselves, try to get involved and make playtime more bonding. One thing you must discourage early on is biting at your fingers. Your kitten needs to understand that your fingers are not part of playtime, this is where cat toys come in handy!

You also need to consider what food your will put your One of the best ways to keep your cat in top condition is making sure that it is receiving the right nutrients through a balanced diet. We have a range of kitten food set to meet a range of dietary requirements. Your kitten will benefit from eating a better quality of food, and this is really important during their developing stages. You can view a range of kitten food options here.

If you have any further questions, leave them in the comments and our vet will be able to advise you on anything you are not sure about.

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