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IAMS small breed cat food and dog food helps to nourish your pet to help promote the 7 signs of healthy vitality, with controlled fibre levels to help aid the digestive system. Smaller breed pets require a specific diet for their breed, size and activity level. Smaller breed dogs have smaller jaws, which is why IAMS small breed food has specially designed smaller, nutrient dense kibbles to aid chewing. Providing your smaller dog or cat high quality animal based proteins helps to maintain muscles and essential vitamins and minerals to support the immune system and maintain good health. Selected levels of fibre help to promote intestinal health and fish oils helps to support skin health and promote a healthy and glossy coat.


Vets Food World have a range of small breed cat and dog food that will help your pet sustain energy levels, maintain muscle mass and support bones and joints, buy online today.

IAMS Small Breed Food
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