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Purina Pro Plan Senior Cat Food

Purina Pro Plan have a range of cat food available for your senior cat, all helping to support them through their older years. As your cat gets older their nutritional requirements start to adjust, and their lifestyle starts to slow. Your older cats metabolism beings to slow down which increases their risk of gaining weight, that's why Purina Pro Plan senior cat food contains reduced amounts of calories and fat. Serious health issues can come from older cats being overweight, it can have a big effect on their overall body condition, that's why it is important to feed your senior cat high quality proteins and essential nutrients. Also feeding your senior cat food that contains reduced levels of phosphorus will be beneficial to cats that suffer from kidney issues.


Senior cats jaws also are affected with old age, therefore feeding them crunchy kibbles can cause problems, providing them with soft chunks will ensure that they get the most nutrition out of their food. Obesity is also a common problem in senior cats, it can lead to other healthy problems, such as diabetes and urinary problems, as well as adding extra strain on their bones and joints. Feeding them light cat food will help them maintain a healthy weight and still provide them with all the required nutrients they need for a healthy lifestyle.


Vets Food World have a range of Purina Pro Plan cat food that is suitable for your senior cat, helping to support their overall body condition. Buy Purina Pro Plan senior cat food online today from Vets Food Word.

Purina Pro Plan Senior Cat Food
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